StockQuote ULC ServerPush and OpenDolphin Demo

This set of applications demonstrate ULC Server Push and ULC integration with OpenDolphin. There is a StockQuote Generator which publishes stock quotes on to the OpenDolphin Event Bus. There are two applications - a ULC Application and an OpenDolphin JavaFx application. Both of these applications display the changing stock quotes.

In the ULC application, the ULC OpenDolphin component subscribes to the OpenDolphin Event Bus and uses ULC Server Push component to push stock quotes to the ULC application client. The OpenDolphin JavaFX application too subscribes to the OpenDolphin Event Bus and uses OpenDolphin's Push feature to push stock quotes to the OpenDolphin JavaFX client. Moreover, both the applications share the "Buy"" recommendation which each other via OpenDolphin Event Bus. The "Buy" Stock selection in one application is reflected in the other application.

Start both the applications by clicking on the respective image below. The ULC and JavaFx applications are deployed through Java Web Start. You will require JRE 1.7 update 25 or higher. Upon starting the application you will see that Stock Quotes are pushed and updated in the table in the UI. By selecting a row in the table in one application you can make a "Buy" recommendation which will be reflected in the other application.

ULC Server Push + ULC OpenDolphin Application

OpenDolphin JavaFX Application

StockDemo - ULC Application StockDemo JavaFX Application

Application Functionality

The following table briefly describes how to use these applications.



Automatic updates through Server Push feature Stock Quotes are "pushed" to ULC Application client and the OpenDolphin JavaFX application using the ULC Server Push and OpenDolphin Server Push features respectively.
Share a "Buy" recommendation. Select a stock in either application and it will be reflected in the other application. Both applications subscribe and publish to OpenDolphin Event Bus. The selection state of one application is shared with another application via the OpenDolphin Event bus.

Download source code from here.

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