JMeter Integration


Integrates ULC into Apache JMeter. Apache JMeter is a 100% pure Java desktop application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance.

How to install

  1. Install ULC
  2. Install Apache JMeter
  3. Copy the ULC JMeter Integration plug-in into <jmeter-install-dir>/lib/ext
  4. Copy ulc-base-client.jar into <jmeter-install-dir>/lib
  5. Copy ulc-servlet-client.jar into <jmeter-install-dir>/lib

How to use

Record a ULC test plan

  1. Run <ulc-install>/sample/startServer.bat to start the ULC sample server
  2. Run <jmeter-install-dir>/bin/jmeterw.bat to start Apache JMeter
  3. Use the (context) menu to add a new Thread Group to the existing Test Plan tree node.
    The Thread Group controls the number of threads JMeter will use to execute your test plan.
  4. Use the (context) menu to add a new Logic Controllers|Recording Controller to the Thread Group tree node.
  5. Use the (context) menu to add a new Non-Test Elements|ULC Recorder to the existing Workbench tree node.
    The ULC Recorder is used to record the round trips of a ULC application in the Recording Controller.
  6. Press the Start button in the ULC Recorder element to record a ULC test plan.

Review the ULC test plan

  1. Expand the Recording Controller node.
  2. Delete a Constant Timer node.
  3. Select a Constant Timer node and change the delay.
  4. Select a ULC Sampler node and review the server round trip.

Play the test plan

  1. Use the (context) menu to add a new Configuration Elements|ULC Connection Manager to the Thread Group tree node.
    The ULC Connection Manager manages the connections to the ULC application.
  2. Use the (context) menu to add a new Listeners|Aggregate Report to the Thread Group tree node.
    The Aggregate Report creates a table row for each differently named round trip in your test plan. For each row, it provides some aggregated information, e.g. request count, min, max, average.
  3. Select the Thread Group node and change the number of thread to 20, the ramp-up period to 20, and the repeat count to 3.
  4. Select the Aggregate Report to review the test results while the test plan is executed.
  5. Select the Start|Start menu item to start the test plan.
  6. Wait until the test plan finishes.


  • Test plans cannot be saved
  • ULC applications that use custom launchers and/or extensions are not supported