IDEA IDE Integration


This is a IntelliJ IDEA plugin. It provides the following features:
  • Integration of the ULC Development Runner in the context menu and Run/Debug configurations view
  • Wizard to create global ULC library including classes, sources, and Javadocs



How to use

The same way you launch the main method of a Java class, you can now launch/debug an IApplication instance. Simply right-click on the class, choose Run or Debug from the menu and the class will be launched through the ULC Development Runner. Through the context menu, you can also create configurations, save configurations, etc. In order to use the Run/Debug functionality of this plugin, you must either have the ulc-base-development.jar on your classpath or you must generate a ULC library using the included wizard and add the library to your module/project.

Your configurations can also be created, deleted, and modified through a separate ULC Configuration tab which is part of the Run/Debug Configurations view. In addition, it allows you to conveniently configure your settings which will be used by the ULC Development Runner.

The ULC Library Wizard allows you to create a global library which contains all classes, sources, and Javadocs needed for development of ULC applications. Optionally, you can choose to have the generated library being added to a given module of your current project. You can also update an existing global ULC library with a new version of ULC. The wizard is integrated in the Settings view.

How it is implemented

This plugin has been implemented using IDEA's OpenAPI.


The described functionality has been developed and tested using IDEA 4.5.3 and ULC 5.2.1 on Windows XP. IDEA Irida (EAP) is not supported, yet.