Title Bar


This extension provides developers with the ULCTitleBar component that allows creation of fancy labels including color gradients and background images. A ULCTitleBar can also be used as a renderer component (e.g. for ULCTable, ULCTree, ULCList, ...)


How to use

The following shows a sample use of the ULCTitleBar component:


ULCTitleBar colorGradientTitleBar = new ULCTitleBar("My Title"); colorGradientTitleBar.setBarColor(Color.red); // red background colorGradientTitleBar.setShadeColor(Color.yellow); // yellow shade color colorGradientTitleBar.setGradientAlignment(ULCTitleBar.LEFT); colorGradientTitleBar.setGradientWidth(250);

ULCTitleBar backgroundImageTitleBar = new ULCTitleBar("My Title"); backgroundImageTitleBar.setBackgroundImage(...); // background image backgroundImageTitleBar.setRepeatBackgroundImage(true);


How it is implemented

The ULCTitleBar extends the standard ULCLabel and uses a special JTitleBar Swing component on the client-side.