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January, 2013


About Canoo RIA Suite 2012 Update 1

Canoo RIA Suite 2012 Update 1 includes the following new features:

Feature Description
Readiness for SSO environments ULC's client-server communication functionality has been upgraded and made extensible such that Canoo RIA Suite applications can be readily deployed in enterprise servers with SSO security environments.
Print functionality IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a major release for this package. If you want to use this functionality, then you have to make sure that you are using Canoo RIA Suite Update 1 and that you upgraded the corresponding licenses. Kindly get in touch with our Sales Department for any question on this.

ULC Office Integration package has been enhanced to provide print function.Apache's PDFBox based print functionality is supported for PDF and text documents. java.awt.Desktop based print functionality is supported for documents of other types.

Print functionality

JxBrowser has some issues with Mac OS X and Java 7 IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a major release for this package. If you want to profit from this functionality, then you have to make sure that you are using Canoo RIA Suite Update 1 and that you upgraded the corresponding licenses. Kindly get in touch with our Sales Department for any question on this.

JxBrowser has been upgraded to v3.3 which solves a couple of issues related to Mac OS X and Java 7.

Modularisation of library has been removed The installation directory no longer contains directories like base, container, environment, addon/applicationframework, addon/easydeployment and addon/testframework. The software distribution is, actually, only composed of the all jar: ulc-[client|server|development].jar.
The experience with our customers has shown than the majority of them only use the all jar. In the future Canoo RIA Suite will no longer being distributed via InstallAnywhere, we will go for a repository based distribution.

Modularisation of library has been removed

Please see the Canoo RIA Suite 2012 release notes for previous release notes.

The sections Fixed Bugs and Implemented Feature Requests give an overview of the most important differences between Canoo RIA Suite 2012 and Canoo RIA Suite 2012 Update 1.

To migrate from Canoo RIA Suite 2012 to Canoo RIA Suite 2012 Update 1, please see the migration notes.


Version Notes

Canoo RIA Suite 2012 Update 1 requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 or later on the server and on the client.

The deployment of a Canoo RIA Suite application requires a JEE server that supports at least the Servlet 2.4 specification.


Packages, Modules, Parts and Release Structure

UltraLightClient is part of the Canoo RIA Suite. It consist of the ULC Core that includes all components required to successfully develop and deploy UltraLightClient applications. Additionally there are several packages that provide extended functionalities. The UltraLightClient modules, parts, packages, and the structure of the current release are described in the following sections.


Package ULC Core

ULC Core contains comprehensive widget set, application framework, test framework and integration into client and server containers.


The UltraLightClient release is split into modules. Each module belongs to exactly one of five categories:

The category and module names are reflected in the directory structure of the release, e.g. environment/applet for the applet module that belongs to the environment category.

A module directory contains sub-directories with the following contents:



Each of these modules can contain up to four parts:

The part names are reflected in the filename of the jar files in the lib and src directory of the corresponding module, e.g. ulc-applet-client.jar and ulc-applet-client-src.jar for the classes and source stubs of the applet module that have to be deployed on the client side.


Package ULC Table Plus 1.0.6 (JIDE Grids v3.4.8)

ULC Table Plus integrates the JIDE grids library that provides a table with various extended features.


Package ULC Web Integration 1.1 (JxBrowser v3.3)

ULC Web-Integration integrates the JxBrowser library. With this package you can integrate any web page directly into your ULC Application.


Package ULC Enterprise Portal Integration 1.0.4

With this package you can integrate an ULC Application into your enterprise web applications or your enterprise portal server.


Package ULC Office Integration 1.1

This package bundles Apache POI and iText to produce PDF and MS Office documents integrated into your ULC Application.


Package ULC Graph 1.0.0 (JGraph

This package integrates JGraph library. With this package you can create and draw various graph diagrams.


Package ULC Chart 1.0.0 (JFreeChart 1.0.12)

This package integrates JFreeChart library. With this package you can create various business charts.


Release Structure

<Canoo RIA Suite 2012> RIA Suite installation directory
Add-ons to the UltraLightClient base framework
   all For convenience, all UltraLightClient classes
UltraLightClient documentation
   ext contains the libraries of installed packages
   license the jar file with the deployment license key
   previous_releasenotes Previous release notes
Sample applications with ready to run Jetty Servlet container
   thirdpartylicenses licenses of included third party libraries
license manager tool
   build.txt Contains the build number
   LicenseAgreementDevelopment.pdf The Development license Agreement
   LicenseAgreementEvaluation.pdf The Evaluation license Agreement
   releasenotes.html This document


Fixed Bugs

PR Description Comments
UBA-723 Closing the browser that contains the Applet may results in a severe exception  
UBA-6813 ULCTextField ingores setCursor() API  
UBA-7554 TextFieldParameter methods that set a data type should install error manager from form  
UBA-7569 ULCTreeOperator.selectRow(i) times out when called in succession.  
UBA-7868 Text field asking for project name in 'Setup Information' dialog box should be more restrictive regarding accepted characters  
UBA-7884 ULCTableTreeOperator.getTableHeader should return a more appropriate ULCTableHeaderOperator  
UBA-7950 ULCDateDataType erases time value even if text field is not touched  
UBA-7970 AbstractFormBuilder does not respect error manager if you specify a format pattern  
UBA-7978 ULCComboBoxOperator does not work with null elements  
UBA-8051 Exception when closing ULCSet applet when running from sample Jetty or running the war in Tomcat  
UBA-8070 ULCTable Test of Visual Tests (Applet Deployment): Zebra Renderer (Integer) does not work  
UBA-8097 Reusing a nested table header causes a NPE on the client.  
UBA-8146 DefaultCategoryDataset looping logic wrong, does not display all results  
UBA-8149 Setting header renderers on columns in ULCJideTable does not work  
UBA-8194 Form does not support mapped properties  
UBA-8214 Backgrounds are not painted correctly with ULCLayeredPane  
UBA-8243 typeKey method on an operator changes the case of the character for the KEY_PRESSED event.  
UBA-8280 ULC Office Integration Demo Application bug  
UBA-8294 Registering an action listener on server side prevents the default action listener to be fired  
UBA-8307 editable ComboBox as enabler does not work if there is a focus listener on the enabling target  
UBA-8309 ULC client hangs if the connection is broken after a roundtrip has started.  
UBA-8316 RadioButtons in Forms do not support resource bundles  
UBA-8448 ULCJideTable constructor does not work  
UBA-8546 setPaint on a ULCTabbedPane changes the background color of a ULCTextField in a Tab  
UBA-8636 First time selecting a null item in ULCComboBox doesn't fire action event.  
UBA-8654 In case of more than two radio buttons added to Form, the Reset and Ok button enables only if selection is made to last radio button.  
UBA-8669 Setting a Long value on a textfield with Integer NumberDataType results in class cast exception.  
UBA-8671 Any connection opened by ULC should assume that it could be triggered in a SSO environment  
UBA-8681 Applet mode do no longer work on Mac OS X (Safari, Firefox, ...)  
UBA-8683 OnlineShopDemo does not work on Mac with JRE 7  
UBA-8688 DefaultListModel does not fire ListDataEvent in addAll and removeAll methods  
UBA-8699 Possible Memory leak in DownloadManager  
UBA-8702 InputBlocker does not propertly clean the KeyEventInfo list after KEY_RELEASED events for 'keep pressed' events  
UBA-8709 IPopupMenuListener.popupMenuHasBecomeVisible does not work correctly on Mac  


Implemented Feature Requests

PR Description Comments
UBA-669 Entries of ComboBox cell editors should be selectable by single key stroke  
UBA-693 Servlet container integration should provide better error messages  
UBA-702 ULCTableTree should support default renderers / editors as ULCTable does  
UBA-943 Add a hook that is invoked whenever an exception occurs in an ULC application on server side and on client side  
UBA-6954 Make ULC's event queue approach extendable  
UBA-7034 JNLP integration should not manage cookies in JRE 1.5  
UBA-7433 IFileStoreHandler should provide a mean to prevent accidental target file overwrite  
UBA-7736 Provide a better interface to add user parameters from launchers.  
UBA-7885 ULC client should stop sending requests if he got ServletException: unable to get ulc session (session already terminated)  
UBA-7906 Improve logging when the communication controller stops  
UBA-7941 Improve client error message in case of communication errors  
UBA-8158 provide a simple api for printing  
UBA-8422 ULC loses Swing events when processing a round-trip  
UBA-8423 Cookie should support HttpOnly  
UBA-8471 Upgrade Jide libraries to the last version  
UBA-8503 When embedded behind a portal, the user has to login twice: the first time in the portal itself (WAM, SSO) and the second time in the ULC application  
UBA-8606 Provide server-side API to set both the ascending and the descending icons for sortable tables  
UBA-8607 Show ascending and descending icons for columns with custom header renderer  
UBA-8628 Get rid of all ULC artifacts but the core ones  
UBA-8661 Get rid of com.ulcjava.base.application.util.serializable package  
UBA-8664 Make JnlpLauncher and StandAloneLauncher easy to extend  
UBA-8668 web.xml schema should be upgraded to a more modern version like v3.0  
UBA-8672 Installer is not creating shortcut to doc directory in the startup menu for RIA Suite installation  
UBA-8674 Optimise events sent by UIComboBox and UIComboBoxAdapter to server  
UBA-8675 UIComboboxModelAdapter should provide getHasChangedListeners() method.  
UBA-8676 Improve logging of cookie handling and url rewriting on both client and server  
UBA-8690 BASIC HTTP authentication suffers the same problematic than UBA-8503 when performed externally to ULC application  
UBA-8691 ServletConnector should be easier to extend/customize  
UBA-8692 Update JxBrowser version from 2.9.1 to the current 3.x version  
UBA-8700 ULC application testing in SSO environment with Form based authentication  
UBA-8703 Add a notion of Filter to ULC logger  


Migration Notes

Known Problems and Limitations

You can find known problems and limitations in our issue database.

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