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April 29, 2011


About Canoo RIA Suite ULC - Update 3

Please see the Canoo RIA Suite Update 2 release notes for previous release notes.

The sections Fixed Bugs and Implemented Feature Requests give an overview of the most important differences between Canoo RIA Suite ULC Update 2 and Canoo RIA Suite ULC Update 3.

To migrate from Canoo RIA Suite Update 2 to Canoo RIA Suite ULC Update 3, please see the migration notes.


Version Notes

Canoo RIA Suite ULC Update 3 requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.5 or later on the server and on the client.

To deploy an Canoo RIA Suite ULC application in a JEE server that supports at least the Servlet 2.4 specification.


Packages, Modules, Parts and Release Structure

UltraLightClient is part of the Canoo RIA Suite. It consist of the ULC Core that includes all components required to successfully develop and deploy UltraLightClient applications. Additionally there are several extension packages that provide extended functionalities. The UltraLightClient modules, parts, packages, and the structure of the current release are described in the following sections.


Package ULC Core

ULC Core contains everything that was in previous version of ULC enhanced with the new features: extended visual Effects, Charts, Animations and export to Google App engine.


The UltraLightClient release is split into modules. Each module belongs to exactly one of five categories:

The category and module names are reflected in the directory structure of the release, e.g. environment/applet for the applet module that belongs to the environement category.

A module directory contains subdirectories with the following contents:



Each of these modules can contain up to four parts:

The part names are reflected in the filename of the jar files in the lib and src directory of the corresponding module, e.g. ulc-applet-client.jar and ulc-applet-client-src.jar for the classes and source stubs of the applet module that have to be deployed on the client side.


Package ULC Table Plus 1.0.2 (JIDE Grids v2.10.5)

ULC Table Plus integrates the JIDE grids library that provides a table with various extended features.


Package ULC Web Integration 1.0.1 (JxBrowser v2.7)

ULC Web-Integration integrates the JxBrowser library. With this package you can integrate any web page directly into your ULC Application.


Package ULC Enterprise Portal Integration 1.0

With this package you can integrate an ULC Application into your enterprise web applications or your enterprise portal server.


Package ULC Office Integration 1.0

This package bundles Apache POI and iText to produce PDF and MS Office documents integrated into your ULC Application.


Release Structure

<ULC_HOME> UltraLightClient home directory
Add-ons to the UltraLightClient base framework
   base UltraLightClient base framework
   all For convenience, all UltraLightClient classes
Server integrations including Servlet container integration and integration into local container for stand-alone (single JVM) ULC applications.
UltraLightClient documentation
Client environment integration for applet deployment, JNLP deployment, and standalone deployment.
   ext contains the libraries of installed packages
   license the jar file with the deployment license key
   previous_releasenotes Previous release notes
Sample applications with ready to run Jetty Servlet container
   thirdpartylicenses licenses of included third party libraries
license manager tool
   build.txt Contains the build number
   LicenseAgreement.pdf The license Agreement
   releasenotes.html This document


Fixed Bugs

PR Description Comments
UBA-7986 ULCTableScrollPane: Synchronising of selection state  
UBA-8092 Adding a footer, after a column has been hidden, causes an exception.  
UBA-8333 Adding rows when a filter has been are not considered - table model does not get updated  
UBA-8336 CustomRenderer do not work as expected with table plus filters  
UBA-8352 Remove/Add column cancels custom rendering for that column  
UBA-8363 Null-Event passed for ListSelectionListeners  
UBA-8371 IllegalStateException after selecting table row  
UBA-8373 extreme high CPU load after changing sorting from server side  
UBA-8374 setDefaultRenderer() does not work for ULCJideTable  
UBA-8379 convertRowIndexToModel does not work correctly, if sorting set  
UBA-8380 The license manager tool can not handle version change like 1.0 ---> 1.0.1  
UBA-8384 Row index conversion does not work correctly, if table model consists of a single column.  
UBA-8388 convertRowIndexToModel triggers java.lang.IllegalStateException, if cell renderer is set  
UBA-8389 ListSelectionListeners should not be called upon sorting a table  
UBA-8390 convertRowIndexToModel throws IllegalStateExeption  
UBA-8392 Exception on converting model index to view after adding row to model  
UBA-8393 convertIndexToView incorrect after table model updates  
UBA-8394 Calling fireTableDataChanged() on a sorted column renders table cells empty.  
UBA-8399 When using custom filter on client side, an exception is thrown  
UBA-8403 Filter items set before uploading are not taken into account  
UBA-8406 Hiding a column in ULCTableScrollPane with a footer hides all subsequent columns as well  


Implemented Feature Requests

PR Description Comments
UBA-8325 Give access to filters currently used in FilterableTableModel and allow setting of them from server side  
UBA-8335 It is not possible to click on table column header with ULC Testing Framework, e.g. to test sorting  
UBA-8362 Sorting states set before uploading are not taken into account  
UBA-8381 In license manager, there should be a scrollbar for installed extensions list.  
UBA-8397 When the table model is changed on server side, two row index mapping changes are fired when working with a sorted table  


Migration Notes

Known Problems and Limitations

You can find known problems and limitations in our issue database.

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