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October, 2010


About Canoo RIA Suite ULC - Update 1

Canoo RIA Suite ULC includes the following new features:

Feature Description
Builtin-in Animation Effects The following animation effects may be turn on to provide a richer feedback on state transitions.
  • ULCLabel text and icon changes by fading out the old content and fading in the new.
  • ULCSplitPane animated change of the divider location.
  • ULCInternalFrame fading in on appearance and out on close.
  • ULCScrollPane kinetic scrolling by mouse wheel.
Factory for bordered component with rounded corners Eases the creation of nice looking compound components.


Component paints supports radial gradient


ULC Enterprise Portal-Integration Package
Javascript Integration
The new ULCJsObject allows you to call javascript functions from your ULC Application. It also enables you to call methods in your ULC Application by javascript from the webpage in which the ULC Applet runs. This offers a powerful interface that enables your ULC Application to collaborate with your other Enterprise Applications.

Please see the Canoo RIA Suite ULC release notes for previous release notes.

The sections Fixed Bugs and Implemented Feature Requests give an overview of the most important differences between Canoo RIA Suite ULC and Canoo RIA Suite ULC Update 1.

To migrate from Canoo RIA Suite ULC to Canoo RIA Suite ULC Update 1, please see the migration notes.


Version Notes

Canoo RIA Suite ULC Update 1 requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.5 or later on the server and on the client.

To deploy an Canoo RIA Suite ULC application in a JEE server, the server needs to support either at least the Servlet 2.4 specification or at least the EJB 2.1 specification.


Packages, Modules, Parts and Release Structure

UltraLightClient is part of the Canoo RIA Suite. It consist of the ULC Core that includes all components required to successfully develop and deploy UltraLightClient applications. Additionally there are several extension packages that provide extended functionalities. The UltraLightClient modules, parts, packages, and the structure of the current release are described in the following sections.


Package ULC Core

ULC Core contains everything that was in previous version of ULC enhanced with the new features: extended visual Effects, Charts, Animations and export to Google App engine.


The UltraLightClient release is split into modules. Each module belongs to exactly one of five categories:

The category and module names are reflected in the directory structure of the release, e.g. environment/applet for the applet module that belongs to the environement category.

A module directory contains subdirectories with the following contents:



Each of these modules can contain up to four parts:

The part names are reflected in the filename of the jar files in the lib and src directory of the corresponding module, e.g. ulc-applet-client.jar and ulc-applet-client-src.jar for the classes and source stubs of the applet module that have to be deployed on the client side.


Package ULC Table Plus

ULC Table Plus integrates the JIDE grids library that provides a table with various extended features.


Package ULC Web-Integration

ULC Web-Integration integrates the JxBrowser library. With this package you can integrate any web page directly into your ULC Application.


Package ULC Enterprise Portal-Integration

With this package you can integrate an ULC Application into your enterprise web applications or your enterprise portal server.


Package ULC Office-Integration

This package bundles Apache POI and iText to produce PDF and MS Office documents integrated into your ULC Application.


Release Structure

<ULC_HOME> UltraLightClient home directory
Add-ons to the UltraLightClient base framework
   base UltraLightClient base framework
   all For convenience, all UltraLightClient classes
Server integrations including EJB container integration and Servlet container integration and integration into local container for stand-alone (single JVM) ULC applications.
UltraLightClient documentation
Client environment integration for applet deployment, JNLP deployment, and standalone deployment.
   ext contains the libraries of installed packages
   license the jar file with the deployment license key
   previous_releasenotes Previous release notes
Sample applications with ready to run Tomcat Servlet container
   thirdpartylicenses licenses of included third party libraries
license manager tool
   build.txt Contains the build number
   LicenseAgreement.pdf The license Agreement
   releasenotes.html This document


Fixed Bugs

PR Description Comments
UBA-8239 Setting LnF in an AbstractTestCase results in "IllegalStateException : method must be called on EDT"  
UBA-8203 MemoryLeak in InputBlocker  
UBA-8196 Application with an extension does not run on JBoss  
UBA-8182 Rounded corners are not painted correctly when used with RGBA background color  
UBA-8181 ULCCheckBox when used as a cell renderer/editor component does not copy the font property.  
UBA-8160 ULCTable's row selection on Page Up/Down does not work when an instance of ULCTableTree is also visible.  
UBA-8148 Resource Downloading doesn't work in JNLP mode Package ULC Office-Integration
UBA-8139 The TableModel used by TableBinding does not throw TableUpdate Event on setValueAt  
UBA-8136 Events such as Action and Expansion that are fired on a Double Click on Tree or Table are lost when a the roundtrip as a result of an event fired due to single click (e.g. selection) takes long.  
UBA-8135 Providing a wrong URL image to ULCIcon or failure to open image URL due to lack of network results in client side NPE  
UBA-8132 setting ULCTextArea's text through properties file doesn't work  
UBA-8093 ULCTableColumn.sizeWidthToFit() throws NullPointerException  
UBA-7888 ULCWindow.dispose() does not update visible state of window  


Implemented Feature Requests

PR Description Comments
UBA-8242 Implement RadialGradientPaint  
UBA-8212 update JxBrowser to version 2.4 Package ULC Web-Integration
UBA-8211 ULCTree does not provide hook for setting a custom selection model.  
UBA-8200 ULCTableTree client proxy calls repaint() method 3 times on cell edit  
UBA-8197 Log the ULCSession Id in the Container and ConnectorCommand classes  
UBA-8172 Builtin Animation Effects - ULCInternalFrame appearance  
UBA-8170 Builtin Animation Effects - ULCSplitPane divider location change  
UBA-8169 Builtin Animation Effects - ULCLabel content change fade  
UBA-7956 Builtin Animation Effects - ULCScrollPane kinetic scrolling  
UBA-8161 Improve ErrorDialog  
UBA-8140 Upgrade Javadoc of ULCNumberDataType to explain setClassType and remove setInteger  
UBA-8130 provide a factory method to wrap a component with an rounded border  
UBA-8129 Allow an application to specify the name of the file to be downloaded Package ULC Office-Integration
UBA-8103 Missing javadoc for extensions  
UBA-7955 Remove com.ulcjava.base.shared.NestedRuntimeException and its subclasses where java.lang already supports them  
UBA-7863 Improve ULC - Browser Communication when running as applet in a Webpage Package ULC Enterprise Portal-Integration
UBA-7699 ULCIcons resolved via ResourceManager should be cached  
UBA-8190 Improve the performance of ClientContext.storeFile and ClientContext.loadFile Performance improvements depending on the service from factor 2 to >1000
UBA-821 ClientContext.loadFile(), ClientContext.storeFile() consumes a lot of memory The memory consumption is reduced by about 40 %


Migration Notes

Known Problems and Limitations

You can find known problems and limitations in our issue database.

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