Release Notes

December 9, 2005

About ULC 6.0.3

ULC 6.0.3 is a maintenance release for ULC release 6.0. It includes the following changes:

Version Notes

ULC 6.0.3 requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.3.1 or later. It should run on any platform that supports JRE 1.3.1 or later.

The ULC client has been tested on Windows 2000/XP with the following deployment options:

The ULC server has been tested on Windows 2000/XP, Red Hat Linux 9.0, and Sun Solaris 8 with the following deployment options:

Note: Support for the Servlet API 2.2 has been deprecated in this release and will be removed in the next release.

This build is based on ULC 6.0.2. Please see the ULC 6.0.2 release notes for additional information.

What's in this Release

Fixed Bugs

PR Description Comments
UBA-655Icon and maximum property of internal frame do not get synchronized  
UBA-817Initial ULCSplitPane divider location is not available  
UBA-935 IApplication.stop() is not invoked in case of a HTTPSession timeout  
UBA-992the JavaDoc for getComponents() should be more concise: not returning all but only containers components  
UBA-1006 ApplicationContext.getSpecificationVersion() returns 6.0 instead of 6.0.1  
UBA-1034Bogus events fired by ULCTabbedPane.setComponentAt()  
UBA-1037adapt documentation to setOpaque() API  
UBA-1050Default values for title position and title justification are interchanged in UITitledBorder.restoreState()  
UBA-1057 ULCDevelopmentRunner should also set the AllPermissionFileService when running with the GUI  
UBA-1070 ULCBoxPane.removeAll should reset the index to 0  
UBA-1077 UserInteractionMonitor.finalize can cause a ComodificationException in InputBlocker  
UBA-1078 Keep-Alive-Poll may corrupt session if a user request is sent simultaneously  
UBA-1079 NullPointerException when removing and readding table from container  
UBA-1080calling ULCRootPane.setVisible(true) twice in case of an applet pane causes NullpointerException  
UBA-1081Improve JavaDoc on ULCPollingTimer  
UBA-1082 ULCMenu.remove(ULCSeparator) throws ClassCastException  
UBA-1093Tooltip missing in table cells  
UBA-1099 ULCTabbedPane.setIconAt(setIconAt(i, null) does not work  
UBA-1108When deselecting a tree node, the (now empty) selection is not correctly updated on the server.  
UBA-1109 ULCList.setPrototypeCellValue does not work if custom cell renderers are used  
UBA-1110 ULCList.setFixedCellWidth() only works after the list is uploaded  
UBA-1111Improve JavaDoc on ULCTabbedPane and ULCCardPane vis-a-vis deprecated insert/add methods  
UBA-1112Manifest shows version 6.0 instead of 6.0.2  
UBA-1116 ULCDialog.setVisible() always centers dialog  
UBA-6808NPE by accessing the registry  
UBA-6811Client properties set on ULCTableTree are not propagated correctly  

Implemented Feature Requests

PR Description Comments
UBA-638 ULCTextComponent.selectAll() does not work if an ULCDataType is set  
UBA-721It should be possible to unset a menu bar  
UBA-924if ULCNumberDataType setInteger(true) it should display no fraction digits while editing, and provide correct value on re-editing  
UBA-947Provide ULCWindow / ULCInternalFrame.toFront() / toBack() New API:
  • ULCWindow.toFront()
  • ULCWindow.toBack()
  • ULCInternalFrame.toFront()
  • ULCInternalFrame.toBack()
UBA-973ULCRadioButton and ULCCheckBox should trigger events when selected by the application  
UBA-1066ActionEvent should provide getModifiers() API New API:
  • ActionEvent.getModifiers()
UBA-1084 ClientContext.loadFile(): when maximum file size exeeded does not return specific error code  
UBA-1096If an ITreeModel implementation returns null from a call to getChild(Object, int), an exception should be thrown  
UBA-1106Provide a way to enable synchronous file upload/download New API:
  • ClientContext.setFileTransferMode(int mode)
Default is synchronous file transfer, i.e., the client is blocked while a file is uploaded or downloaded
UBA-6807JavaDoc for ULCScrollPane is incomplete  

Known Problems and Limitations

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