Release Notes

August 25, 2003

About ULC 5.1.3

ULC 5.1.3 is a minor update to ULC release 5.1.2. It includes the following new features:

Version Notes

This build is based on ULC 5.1.2 Please see the ULC 5.1.2 release notes for additional information.

Release Structure Changes

The following directories are added to the release structure of ULC 5.1.1:
    base ULC base framework
    ulc-base-src.jar source stubs for the base module

    container J2EE server integration
    ejb EJB container integration
    ulc-ejb-src.jar source stubs for the ejb module

    servlet servlet container integration
    ulc-servlet-src.jar source stubs for the servlet module

    environment client environment integration
    applet applet deployment
    ulc-applet-src.jar source stubs for the applet module

    jnlp jnlp deployment
    ulc-jnlp-src.jar source stubs for the jnlp module

    standalone standalone deployment
    ulc-standalone-src.jar source stubs tor the standalone module

The ejb and the ide module have been removed from the trial release.

Please see the ULC 5.1 release notes for more information on the general release structure.

Fixed Bugs

PR Description
603cannot use ulc applet with Websphere (ConnectorException: session no longer available)
604to access a user parameter with jnlp, one has to call ClientContext.getUserParameter("-paramName")

Implemented Feature Requests

PR Description Comments
611change class reloading behavior in DevelopmentRunnerGui for excluded packages to be as in JUnit The behavior is now as follows:
  • com.ulcjava.base. is always be excluded
  • the entries in the file are always be excluded
  • the default file contain known packages that need to be loaded by the system class loader:
    • sun.*
    • com.sun.*
    • org.omg.*
    • javax.*
    • sunw.*
    • java.*
    • org.w3c.dom.*
    • org.xml.sax.*
    • net.jini.*
    • org.apache.xerces.*
  • the default file is located in the com.ulcjava.base.development package
  • the default file can be replaced by having a custom file in the class path before the default one (either in the default package or in the com.ulcjava.base.development package)
614Provide a way to enable full code completion for ULC libraries in IDEsULC now comes with source code stubs that contain the necessary information. Register these stubs in your IDE to enable full code completion. The stubs can be found in src folders located in each module directories.

Known Problems and Limitations

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