Release Notes

August 4, 2003

About ULC 5.1.2

ULC 5.1.2 is a minor update to ULC release 5.1.1. It includes the following new features:

Version Notes

This build is based on ULC 5.1.1 Please see the ULC 5.1.1 release notes for additional information.

Release Structure Changes

The following directories are added to the release structure of ULC 5.1.1:
    sample ULC sample applications
    productcatalog New sample application Product Catalog
    bin Script to run the sample
    lib The application classes and XML libraries
    src The applications sources
    webapp The application packaged as WAR web application archive

Please see the ULC 5.1.1 release notes for more information on the general release structure.

Fixed Bugs

PR Description
31Changing the orientation of a SplitPane changes the location of the divider
554ULCBoxPane: adding a component after having removed an already added one does not work correctly
563Server session not removed upon client termination (for servlets)
564adding tabs to an already uploaded tabbed pane produces class cast exceptions
571NullPointerException in UITreeSelectionModel.EnablingHandler.isEnabling
573some properties that do change the shape of a border pane do not immediatly have an effect
575lost ListSelectionEvents in ULCTable when being in an editor
578ULCTabbedPane.setEnabledAt only affects page, not tab
585ULCNumberDataType: Locale is not considered of valid chars
588With Servlet deployment, a session timeout leads to a NullPointerException and the stop() method is not called.
589Applet deployment: Stopping the applet will not call stop() on the corresponding IApplication.
590For the labelFor/displayedMnemonic properties for scrollable components, the basic component should get the focus.
594SocketException in ServletContainerAdapterHelper.doPost
595reading and writing files throw security exception with jws
600changing component on an uploaded ULCSplitPane does not repaint correctly

Implemented Feature Requests

PR Description Comments
45ULCSplitPane.setDividerLocation not consistent with Swing 
360Tabbing order through widgets cannot be specified 
510Whenever a ULCTable/ULCTableTree/ULCTree looses the focus it should stop the current cell editor. 
535what is the ULC version?ApplicationContext: new API added to get Specification and Implementation Information of the Manifest file
544FileChooserConfig should give the possibility to visualize and to select only directories
  • Removed possibility to select directory from ClientContext.loadFile() API, added ClientContext.chooseFile() API instead
  • IFileService: Exception changed from IOException to ServiceException
565Make all widget properties changeable after upload 
570ULCHtmlPane.setText() scrolls to bottom of document 
572Provide a means to access other help systems than URL-based onesAdded the following API on ULCComponent:
  • registerKeyboardAction()
  • unregisterKeyboardAction()
  • resetKeyboardActions()
  • getRegisteredKeyStrokes()
  • getConditionForKeyStroke()
  • getActionForKeyStroke
577provide a means to turn on/off lazy loadingAPI for client properties added:
  • Disable lazy loading by setting the client property "disableLazyLoading" / Boolean.TRUE for ULCList, ULCTable, ULCTree and ULCTableTree enabled.
  • To enable the lazy loading again, set the client property "disableLazyLoading" /null.
579ULCMenuItem.setAccelerator(null) does nothing 
586Allow formatting pattern with ULCNumberDataTypeULCNumberDataType now allows customized pattern, grouping and decimal separator. The pattern can have the following format:

    pattern := integer{.fraction}
    integer := {#}* {0}* 0
    fraction := {0}* {#}*

Description of symbols used in the pattern syntax:
    0    a digit
    #    a digit, zero shows as absent
    .    placeholder for decimal separator
    ,    placeholder for grouping separator
593ULC KeyStroke API should contain the Swing KeyStroke APIAdded getKeyChar() and various static getKeyStroke() APIs to KeyStroke
596setPopUpMenu() not supported on AbstractButton instead of MenuItemadded ULCComponent.setNextFocusableComponent() API
599Add ULCCardPane.removeCard API 
601ULCToolBar has a non accessible borderremoved the non accessible border

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