ULC Drag-and-Drop Set

ULCDnDSet Sample

To run the ULC Drag-and-Drop Set (ULCDnDSet) sample, click Applet or JNLP (Java Web Start):

Applet Starts the ULCDnDSet sample as an applet.
JNLP (Java Web Start) Starts the ULCDnDSet sample using Java Web Start.

The UI Engine is deployed as an applet embedded in a Web page (using the Java Plug-in) or using Java Web Start. The application is deployed as a servlet. The UI Engine connects to the application using HTTP as the underlying transport protocol.

Application Functionality

The ULC Drag-and-Drop Set application shows drag-and-drop functionality with ULC. Each tab shows a different ULC widget that supports drag-and-drop operations.

The ULCTable at the bottom of the frame displays the data transferred between the drag source and the drop target component.